Thursday, September 3, 2009

another #%&** GG Bridge Pic !! ??

I know .... but I like this one so ....... here goes ...


  1. Hi Mark. Nice composition in this shot. I've enjoyed looking at your images. I might suggest storing your photos at photobucket or flickr so you can make your images larger on your blog. Rather than uploading from your computer to blogger, photobucket and others, provide direct links from their site. You simply copy the direct link and paste it when you make a new post.

    Add the html tag " img src="http://yourlinkhere"width="580(or whatever works with this layout)"/> and you can control the size of your image.

    Anyhow, good work. I bookmarked you at If you can, please visit my blog and consider bookmarking me also.


  2. Jeff .. thanks for the comment and suggestion .. I checked out your site and enjoyed it .. It has a nice feel ... I like the subject matter... I will defiantly bookmark your site on but I can't figure out how to add a bookmark ... I'll keep trying... Mark

  3. I like the sort of dark lightning situation... :)

  4. The Golden Gate Bridge is just one of those landmarks that can never be over shot. No matter how many photos I see of it I still enjoy them. Much like no matter how many times I've seen Mt Rainier up in Washington (I lived most of my life up there) I still exclaim how beautiful it is.